We pride ourselves in delivering highly adaptable solutions
through custom software tailored to your specific requirements

Internet Technologies Designs delivers the latest in reliable VOIP technology products for all your business phone service needs. We provide various services, such as: call monitoring real-time and historical, call flow trends and call history data.

Our CRM platform seamlessly integrates with our VOIP technology service, which means you will never miss a call from a potential client.There is also a callback feature, which lets you contact a customer without ever leaving the application. Following up on all the communication with your customers have never been easier.

Keep in touch with your customers, easily create message templates to use in promotional campaigns, automatically congratulate your customers on their birthdays or quickly send a message to specific customers. Do all that and more from a simple interface that, as all our systems, integrates with all your customer data.

Trusted by over 100 companies worlwide